Speak Egyptian Arabic Like a Local with Yousif

Knowing Egyptian Arabic makes life in Cairo navigable and more fun! I teach one-on-one lessons that equip foreigners to read and speak Egyptian Arabic confidently and grasp the local lifestyle and culture.

Why learn Egyptian Arabic?

Cairo is hectic enough, understanding the language like a local

Taking my tailored one-on-one Arabic lessons will help you to start communicating and thriving in your everyday life in Egypt.

Learning in Context

I use teaching methods that help you learn the language in an effective and interactive way. Some of the techniques include:

  • both in-class and out-of-class activities based on your daily activities and interests in Cairo
  • drilling techniques, visual tools, and relevant examples that will ensure you retain the language
  • cultural lessons on the unspoken rules and customs that will improve your interpersonal relations with locals

How do I start lessons?

2. We decide on a lesson schedule and plan tailored to your learning goals and needs

3. We start having lessons and you embark on a rewarding arabic learning journey

Hear from my students

My students come from all backgrounds, most don't have any experience learning a second language


Since getting certified to teach Arabic as a second language, I have tutored over 180 students in the Egyptian Arabic language, both in professional learning centres and privately. I've taught diplomats, university students, business owners, and international school teachers. This experience has enabled me to customize lessons for each student’s unique learning needs and goals.

Contact me for more information or to schedule an introduction meeting :)